New Safety Protocol

Before seeing you at your next appointment, we would like to introduce a few changes we have made in our office in order to keep all our patients and staff safe during the pandemic.
  1. To ensure everyone’s safety, all patients are screened for COVID19 symptoms prior to booking appointments. We will also be taking everyone’s temperature using touchless forehead thermometer upon arrival. Anyone who has the symptoms will be asked to stay home.
  2. All our staff are also screened for the symptoms and our temperatures are recorded on daily basis. Any staff who has the symptoms will not be working in the office. 
  3. We will be asking everyone who enters our office to use hand sanitizer and wear a face mask (or a face covering) at the entrance. This will significantly reduce possible transmission of the virus in the common area.
  4. Our staff will be cleaning and disinfecting common areas and high touched surfaces several times a day.
  5. We are reducing the number of appointments in a day to avoid overcrowding in the waiting room and treatment areas. We are also booking extra time for each appointment for an additional cleaning of the treatment rooms.
  6. By mid-June, we will be installing multiple medical grade air purifiers in our office in order to eliminate any potential pathogens in the air.


With this new protocol, we will also be asking patient to:
  1. Read and sign COVID-19 screening form and treatment consent form prior to your visit.
  2. Upon your arrival, please do not come into the office building right away. Instead, please stay in the car or outside the door and call our office. In order to avoid having too many people in the waiting room, we will let you know the best timing to enter the office. You may have to wait in the car or outside until 5 minutes before the treatment begins. So we discourage you from coming too early for your appointment.
  3. During the pandemic, we ask you not to bring family member or friends to accompany to your appointment. For a young child, please limit one family member to accompany his/her appointment.
  4. To reduce the risk of virus transmission, we cannot accept any cash or personal cheque payment at this time.
  5. Please maintain 2 meter distance from other people in our waiting room or common areas. 

Thank you for helping us keeping our community safe!